NEW! Free APOD Calendar App for iPad Out now in App Store


The new APOD Perpetual Calendar - replacing our previous Calendar Apps features as background the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD).

This is a great way to incorporate APOD with its topical images and detailed descriptions of the latest astronomical discoveries into your daily schedule.

The basic free calendar provides Moon phases, events and daily images renewed at midnight US Eastern time or the previous year's image in cache.

The fully functioning App adds Star Maps, Moon Map and rise and set times, plus optional access to fully functioning Star Disc and Moon Chart Apps.

The full app has maps at the lower part of the screen, showing the current position of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars. The maps can also be set to show the sky at dawn or dusk, to show planets of interest at these times.

Fully compatible with iPad calendar app.


Images can be viewed without calendar and saved to your photo library

Day view with rise and set times, tap sky maps to show dawn and dusk sky.

Tapping Moon in day view brings up Moon Chart with names of craters

Tapping any star map brings up Planisphere with major stars named.

APOD Calendar features the daily Astronomy Picture of the Day, renewed daily. Get it for free now at the App Store!


More details:

The app has all the features of the standard iPad Calendar, with extras such as moon phases, eclipses, conjunctions, occultations and meteor showers!

The app is fully compatible with the iPad calendar, so that appointments and events can easily be transferred both ways.

Other features of the full function App :

       Daily time line featuring rise and set times of the Moon and planets.

       Special Moon chart with terminator line marked for the present day.

       Nightly moon phases on month view

       Monthly Star maps show sky to the East, West, South and North

       "Red letter days" remind of the most prominent ten or so events for the year.

       Local holidays where applicable.


If you have any questions or find any bugs in the apps, please email me at:


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