Pick my project Gravel Path on the East (Moreland) side of the Moonee Ponds Creek

     The West bank shared cyclist/ pedestrian bitumen track is increasingly being used by commuter cyclists, creating a hazard for casual walkers.

     Consequently the east bank is increasingly being used by casual walkers (and their dogs!) but most of the track is bare grass or dirt, which becomes very muddy in winter after rain.

     We are proposing that a narrow gravel track should be created along the east side of the Moonee Ponds Creek, extending from the Boeing Reserve/ Devereaux St Bridge to the Esslemont Reserve/ Avoca Cres bridge:

       The track would be made of Lilydale Toppings and would be less than a metre across to make its visual impact as small as possible. See the current track section north of the Margaret St Bridge to view how the track might look.

       Pedestrians would have priority on this gravel track; so walkers would be encouraged to use this side of the creek, with cyclists having priority on the western side track.

       There is the possibility of extra bridges and stepping stones being added, to facilitate movement from one side of the creek to the other.

To vote for this project you must live within 5km of J P Fawkner Reserve.

Voting Closes 5pm, Monday, September 17th, 2018.

To register to vote, go to: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/

This project's page is: Gravel Path along East side of Moonee Ponds Creek

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If you have questions, email me: David Widdowson