Sky & Moon Maps Note suitability to Southern Hemisphere in most cases.

Moon Chart six charts

Moon Chart - cover

New! Moon Chart & Moon Phase Maps A$15

A set of 8 laminated pages, each 23 x 33cm, consisting of:

    A Moon Chart of the entire near side of the Moon, divided up into six sections.

    18 Moon Phase Maps (on reverse side of Moon Charts) of the waxing Moon, with features marked along the terminator (the dividing line between night and day).

    A Full Moon Map showing features visible at this time.

    Instructions, Reference Guide and Crater Index.

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Left: Moon Phase Maps lay out.


Also available as Apps for iPhone and iPad:


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Star Disc Double-sided Planisphere for the Southern Hemisphere. A$19

In clear PVC plastic printed in black. Features:

   North and South sides give greater space and clarity.

   Clear, uncluttered design. Artwork by Wil Tirion.

   Major stars, galaxies, nebulae and clusters in colour.

   Comes with a reference guide with lists of Stars and binocular objects and planet positions to the end of 2020.

    Size: 25 x 24 cm, Suitable for latitudes 25 to 45 South. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)

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Also available as Apps for iPhone and iPad:

Star Disc


Star Charts by Wil Tirion



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