Commemorating 125 years in Australia 1881 – 2006

The family name Widdowson maybe comes from “son of a widow”, but might have come from “son of Wido”, which is a German first name originally meaning wood. It has had many other spellings, such as Widdeson, Widdison and Widderson.

Our family descends from Alfred Shepherd Widdowson, who migrated to Australia in 1881. He settled in Georgetown, Tasmania, where many Widdowsons remain to this day.

We have traced our family tree back to Robert Widdowson (c1710 – 1783) of Hucknall, near Nottingham in the UK, where many Widdowsons originate.


Widdowson History products for sale:

Updated Family History booklet (2006) $10. New info about our ancestors and up to date family trees. Limited supply. Will be reprinted in the new year; please email me if you want copies.







DVD and CD Rom, $15. DVD is over 100 minutes long, tells the story of our ancestors from the farms of Nottingham, through the Widdowson mills to Alfred’s migration to Australia in 1861.

CD Rom features the updated family history booklet (left); printable Family Tree poster (below); family history computer file and software, plus images.










Widdowson Family Tree four-fold poster download (click on each part, then save images):



·       Read the Widdowson story from Robert to Alfred.

·       See the list of Descendants of Robert Widdowson (Abt1710 – 1783).

·       Ancestors is the complete list of ancestors.

·       There are many Widdowsons in Tasmania, see other Tasmanian families.


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