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Star Disc US$2.99

Why this Star finder app rather than the numerous other ones available on the app store? Astrovisuals has over 15 years' experience producing the "Star Disc", a physical Planisphere that is easy to use, clear, uncluttered and pleasing on the eye. We have now created an app based on that design. The result is easier to use than other apps with a pleasing overall appearance, and with our reputation for quality apps, you can be assured that this one will work!



*Stars down to fifth magnitude.

*All 88 constellations feature at maximum magnification.

*Selected Deep space objects: Star Clusters, Globulars, Nebulae and galaxies.

*Major stars named and shown in actual colour.

* Sun and Planet positions from 2014 2024.

*Compass or fixed use.

*Red light function.

*Ability to change location to anywhere on earth.

*Ability to skip forward or back by one hour or one day.

*Names and constellation lines can be turned off.

*Connects seamlessly with our Calendar Apps.

Moon Chart US$2.99

This app provides the ideal guide for observing the Moon with binoculars or a telescope. The Chart is based around a spectacular new image of the Moon taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - it is actually a mosaic of over 1300 images taken with the Sun at just the right angle above the horizon, revealing the Moon's features in amazing detail.

Suitable for beginners and advanced viewers, the chart marks and names all major lunar features (seas, craters and mountains) on the nearside of the Moon. The perfect guide for a night's viewing!

Features of the app include:

* Optional moon phase: shows current position of the terminator (the line between night and day on the Moon - this is the best place to view lunar features).
* Option to have chart north or south up.
* Option to have image mirror reversed.
* Red filter option.
* Option to turn off names of seas.
* Option to turn off names of craters.
* Option to turn on grid lines and coordinates.
* Index of named craters, tap takes to crater.
* On initial screen, only names of seas are shown; as zoom begins, crater names appear.

*Connects seamlessly with our Calendar Apps.

Moon Phase Photo Maps US$2.99

Not just a Moon Map, but rather a series of actual photos of the phases of the Moon with prominent features marked and named. This makes it easy to identify features on the Moon as you are seeing them as they really are, not as an idealized representation on a map. Each Map gives priority to features on the terminator (the line between day and night on the Moon), as the low sun angle makes them stand out more. As craters recede from the terminator they become less prominent and are generally not indicated.

Opening screen shows the current Moon - navigate to other phases by swiping to each side then tap to reveal the detailed map of each phase. Layers can be added or removed depending on your requirements:

* For beginning observers using binoculars, just the names of seas can be revealed in Latin or English.

* For telescope users, the names of craters and other major features can be revealed.

* For advanced telescope users, an extra layer reveals smaller details such as Faults (F), Rilles (R) and Valleys (V).

Overall Features:

* 30 images of the Moon, 18 of the waxing moon, the Full Moon and then 11 of the waning Moon (there are less of these as they generally occur in the morning hours and are less often observed).

* Images can be shown North up or South up depending on telescope settings and location.

* Maps can be shown mirror reversed if required for your telescope orientation.

Star Charts by Wil Tirion US$3.99

Not a planetarium-type app suitable for beginners, but rather a very detailed series of charts of the night sky for observers using binoculars or a telescope. Prepared by famous celestial cartographer Wil Tirion, they present the entire sky in the form of 18 charts, 16 covering the equatorial region of the sky (8 each side of the celestial equator) and one for each of the Polar Regions.

Features include:

* Stars down to sixth magnitude; double and variable stars included.

* All Messier objects, plus many NGC and IC catalogue objects.

* Auto detection of your location and presentation of the chart containing the sky directly overhead.

* Choice of positive charts (white on black, recommended to preserve night vision) or negative (black on white easier to read and better for daytime use.)

* Charts can shown north up or south up to match your location.

* Search charts by constellation or major star name.

Basic default maps show constellation names, constellation lines and major star names only.

Extra layers can be added to reveal:

* Constellations boundaries for all 88 constellations.

* Grid lines and co-ordinates for every hour of Right Ascension and 10 of Declination.

* Star numbers and deep sky object names.


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