Selected Families and Individuals


Sarah Lyons

Laggar Hill.

William Gordon

Died in infancy

Mary (Minnie) Ellen Gordon

Died early?

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gordon

Great Aunt Lizzie lived to a great age and was the family sage.

Aunt Lizzie:- daughter of Nixon. Nurse in England, on retirement returned to Belfast, took out an Annuity on her house in Marlborough Park North and moved into the Bowness Hotel. When the money ran out she moved in with the above named Hugh and his wife who cared for her until Dementia took over and she was admitted to Purdsyburn Hospital where she died ?1961 she was about 95 and is interred in Roselawn Cemetery. Robin says that she was the most formidable person that he ever met. May Dinsmore was the same!!!

David Ferguson Gordon

David Ferguson Gordon travelled out from England on the Duke of Devonshire in November 1886.
Notes taken from John Gordon:David F. was born on October 16th 1862 to Sarah & Nixon Gordon at "Cooey" Tynan Co. Armagh, Nth Ireland. He was the third son, Hugh the eldest, then Robert John, then David Ferguson. The Ferguson call after the ancestors of the inventor of the 'Ferguson tractor'. His mother was Sarah Lyons of Laggar Hill, a valuable property which was reputedly drunk away by the father. Mostly the land was owned by the English nobility and the farmers worked the land as tennants until the redistribution of land when the tennants became owners.
The future of the 3rd son to possess property was remote and at the age of 20 years he decided to emmigrate to Australia. He came to Australia by sailing ship taking 6 months and having to supplement the food with meal etc. When he arrived in Melbourne he went to work in Flinders Lane for McNaughton Love but he left there to work on a dairy farm on Phillip Is. He said he spent most of his time killing snakes. His next job was working on a wheat farm at Dookie and from there he heard of the Chaffey Bros scheme at Mildura and decided to join them. He arrived in Mildura by coach. He worked for Chaffey Bros in charge of horse teams. He said that he ploughed the furrows to water the trees in Deaking Ave. He took up two 10 acres (blocks) of land on Novemer 1890 and continued with Chaffey clearing and planting his land in spare time. 6 Acres of peaches had to be grafted to another variety of apricots and lemons returned wages and water costs, but outside work was needed to pay for the land. He married Mary Proudfoot who was born at Penhurst, Victoria in 1868 and attended Methodist Ladies College. Later her family moved to Euston NSW which before Federation was an important customs town on the Murray River for river trade. The family moved to Mildura, where her fatherJ.G.Proudfoot planted land in 1888, later starting a produce store in 8th Street. The Proudfoot family of 3 girls, Mary Bessie (Mrs Poole), Grace (Mrs Smailes) and two boys James, a store keeper in Renmark, Married Margaret Adamson having two daughter Lally & Jean. William wnet to Murwillumbah with the family in 1898 where he married Annie Campbell.
D.F. Gordon brought Perry'e in 1920 after selling Mary's (wife)40 acre block on 16th and San Mateo Ave to Cutts. The original sharefarmer was not a sucess, frightened the horses by craking the whip when David went to collect his share of wheat (with the help of Mr Dyer) after his first harvest. Geogre Graeme was sent down from Irymple to share-farm from there on and bought it from David in 1938(?) He bought the house in Box Hill in 1934

Mary Proudfoot

From Mildura newspaper.
Mrs D.F.Gordon, who knew the Mildura of 60 years ago and was one of the best-known district residents, died at Essendon on Friday night, aged 81, after a brief illness.
Her husband was a Mildura Shire councillor from 1800 to 1934 and several time Shire President.
As Miss Mary Proudfoot, whe came to Mildura at the end of 1988 or early 1889, from Euston, where her father, Mr J.G.Proudfoot, was a leading store keeper.
Mr. Proudfoot's block, planted in 1888 was one of the first in Mildure.
Mr and Mrs Gordon married about 1895 and lived at Irymple until 1934 when they left the district to live at Box Hill.
Both played an important part in the activities of the Presbyterian Church. Mrs Gordon is survived by her husband, four daughters and one son. Hugh Lyons was killed while serving with the RAAF in the 1939-45 war.
Son here. The other son, Cr john Gordon is the only member of the family living in Sunraysia now. He became a member of the Shire Council on his father's retirement. The daughters are Mary,( Mrs W.Slater, of Essendon, wife of the MLC), Jessie (Lady Steele, wife of the Adjutant General of the British Army, Sir James Maitland Steele), Marjorie (Mrs A.Henry, wife of a doctor of science at Khartoum) and Isabel (Mrs F. Moorfoot, of England).
The funeral will leave Sleight's parlour Melbourne, today after a short service commencing ar 3pm. The service will be conducted by the former Presbyterian Modarator, the Rev. A.Houston.

John Robert Gordon

Recollections of John Robert on early Mildura and his father David F Gordons' involvement with Mildura Club. Mildura was a 'dry' area but the establishment of a licenced Clubs crept into the district which brought a movement to establish a recreation club to provide for those who were opposed to alcohol. Two large blocks were obtained on the corner of Maddern Ave & 9th St which provided a billard room of several tables, card room & a bar for new alcoholic drinks, as well as a large area to stable & tie horses. On a fateful day 11th Nov 1911D.F.Gordon signed, with two others, a joint & several guarantee, with the bank for the money required. I believe that it was expected that other would carry a share but did not come up to scratch. Some years later a large two story building was erected to replace the humble beginnings only to meet the changing attitudes to alcohol in Mildura. The club soon failed and Dad & another were left with the debt, the third having failed in business earlier. Even the morgage helk by the Racobited was called up. This liability cast a gloom over the family for may years and was ultimatly paid by the rising value of the block of land. Had he died earlier the debt would have to been paid or carried by the family. The lesson firmly learnt - do not sign a joint & several guarantee.