Selected Families and Individuals


Hugh Lyons Gordon

Hugh was shot down on his 30th and fimal sortie over Germany in World War II. He was the navigator of the lead aircraft of the Australian 460 Squadron, Lancaster EE 176 heading for the target being Oberhausen in the industrial area of the Ruhr Valley. He is buried at Jonkerbos War Cemetry near Nijmegen, Holland.

Thomas Furnell Bevan

He stayed in Hay and looked after the property. He married Dorothy and they had three girls.

Henry John Bevan

The youngest. He left Hay with his father at about 13 years of age, first to Gippsland then to North Queensland.

Frederick Bevan Lindsay

Freds wife name was Matilda (surname unknown)

Caroline Henretta Bevan

Caroline's married name was Morris and they lived in Bendigo. She had a daughter name Fay.