Selected Families and Individuals


Thomas Penrose

Thomas wife was named Susanna.

Frederick Bevan Lindsay

Freds wife name was Matilda (surname unknown)

John Hamilton Gordon

Married Laurie ? .Fruit farmer, Australia

Rev Alexander Proudfoot

Rev A. Proudfoot was the first minister to be called to Gladstone. From 'Monthly Record, August 1968' was the sone of Rev Lames Proudfoot of Culter. He came out to Australia in 1857. He came to Geelong Victoria, where he stayed 8 years. He moved to Gladstone Queensland in 1865, and served until 1872 when he became so ill he had to retire to Brisbane. He later returned to Gladstone. On a tour of properties he had to swim a swollen creek. Riding home in wet clothes he suffered sever cold. As there were no doctors in the area he travelled to Rockhampton where he died on April 11th 1873. He left a widow and four children, who returned to Victoria.

Ida's notes. The Rev Alexander Proudfoot was a Presbyterian Minister at Geelong when he was called to be a Minister at Batsford, some miles from Geelong on the way to Ballarat. The cold weather affected his health so he went to Gladstone and Rockhampton in Queensland where their children were born.

Frances Janet Proudfoot

Ida gives the birth date as 1863

Alexandra Proudfoot

Ida gives the birth date as 1866

George Jacobus Proudfoot

ida gives the birth date as 1864

Edward Butler Proudfoot

Ida gives the birth date as 22.10.1869

Robert (Bob) George Gordon

Baptised privatley at Crossdale. The mother died.

Edward Butler Beere

At the age of 40 years drowned in the Swan River at Perth Western Australia.