Selected Families and Individuals


Alexander Gerald Proudfoot

Alexander was born 3 months after his fathers death.

Ida's notes: Alexander Gerald Proudfoot, Born Rockhampton Queensland 1874. He married Mary Townley 25th January 1911. They had a sone Alexander Townley Proudfoot born November 1911 dies 1972(?) He married Jean Cool and they had 2 sons .

James Kneale Proudfoot

Note from Jan Rowley " Tullyvin was the family home of Jim Proudfoots grandfather, who was married to Mary Glen, who was Jim's grandmother. Jims grandfather was William Robert Walker Townley and grandmother Mary Glen who was a Miliner in balfast. The Townley family were against him marrying a working girl and they sent him to work in a bank in Australia. He sent for Mary Glen and they were married in Australia.