Descendants of Nixon Gordon


Sarah Lyons

Laggar Hill.

3. William Gordon

Died in infancy

5. Mary (Minnie) Ellen Gordon

Died early?

7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gordon

Great Aunt Lizzie lived to a great age and was the family sage.

Aunt Lizzie:- daughter of Nixon. Nurse in England, on retirement returned to Belfast, took out an Annuity on her house in Marlborough Park North and moved into the Bowness Hotel. When the money ran out she moved in with the above named Hugh and his wife who cared for her until Dementia took over and she was admitted to Purdsyburn Hospital where she died ?1961 she was about 95 and is interred in Roselawn Cemetery. Robin says that she was the most formidable person that he ever met. May Dinsmore was the same!!!